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2018.03.29 15:32:21
Epong JUST 1-MINUTE Epong Hair Color (Natural Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown)

Product Composition (1BOX)
10g Hairdye(4 pouches) + 10g Oxidizing agent
(4 pouches) + 8g Acidic shampoo for colored hair
(4 pouches)

Product Features
• Easy coloring is achieved at a short amount of time of 1 to 5 minutes.
• The product is mild and causes low hair damage with a technical know-how of a special prescription and an abundant usage of plant ingredients, such as henna, aloe vera, and green lentil jelly.
• The world’s top three primary crystal mineral water is added to improve scalp diseases.
• Convenient use at anytime and anywhere due to the easy disposable pouch container.
• No ammonia smell
• Prevents hair damage from coloring by providing a shampoo for colored hair.