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Semi–permanent make up device​ _ MNT2

2018.03.29 14:50:45
MultI-type medical device that can help in the penetration of drug injection and cosmetics skin, and can do tattoos, permanent makeup, skin care, and scalp management.

MNT2 Advantages

1. Microneedle
Because you are thinner and sharper than you are, there is Microneedle. There is little skin damage, so there is no scab.

2. Vibration-free design
Using a neat motor, there is no shaking of the needle, so machine and of course, embodiment can be completely treated.

3. Power
While the typical machine is reduced by resistance when touched by the skin, MNT maintains a constant speed for any resistance and accurately penetrates to the layers of the skin, perfect tetoxic treatment.

How to Use MNT2

1. Needle attachment
Insert the microphones slightly into the mouth of the main body and rotate to secure them.

2. Power supply
Insert the adapter jack into the power supply.

3. Microneedle Length Adjustment
Turn the needle control to adjust the length (deep) of contact with the skin.
Be careful when adjusting the needle because it can be fine-tuned between 0mm and 2mm.

4. Power/Speed button (Step 5)
The higher the stage, the faster the speed is.